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what should i do

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i have a victor 2 and i am gonna be going into tourneys with me team and i was wondering if i should sell all my stuff save up and get better stuff sell it all and get an imagine and other stuff or just upgrade my gun and equipment thanks and if you can name upgrades for my gun thanks
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In my opinion you should do what i did. You should sell your gun and get a 2k3 vert. feed cocker. It is accurate and reliable. Also get a revvy and Compressed Air and you should be fine. I am gonna enter a tourny with mine. Good luck on the tourny man!
thanks could you please tell me how much those would cost and some ups and maybe where to buy
2k3 cocker i think is 330, you shoud also look at a BKO or bk2. sell your gun for sure.
Ya definantly get a new gun. I would suggest a 2k2 or 2k3 cocker.
Anything from a cocker, B2k or a BKO will be a good entry-level tournament gun. In tournaments most people use Nitro so if you have the money make sure you get that, it is WAY more consistent than co2 and you get more shots.
here is what you should do.

sell your victor 2 and save up for a Dragun T.E.S.

The T.E.S. runs for about $190 on and is equipped with an "eye" to prevent chopping. The gun is light,fast, and very cheap for its performance. Then you can upgrade that and you will have a very nice setup.
look for used autocockers one ebay or pbnation. first, read EVERYTHING you can about them until you understand how they work, what each thing does, and as many things possible. here are some good pages to start:

and here is an autococker timing simulator to practice timing an autococker:

i have a real nice autococker on the way and i only paid $250. it has the bomb 3 way, an eclipse blade(mech), triple threat barrel kit, upgraded bolt and internals, etc etc. good deals are waiting to be found. look for a used HPA tank also. if you cant afford that right now, get a 20oz+ co2 tank antisiphoned and you should be fine for the time being.

ive learned quite a bit and i havent even gotten mine yet.

otherwise i would go for a b2k
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get a slider cocker...they are great if you want a cocker. Otherwise I would def. say go with an electro gun because you should already be used to the feel thanks to your spyder. Bushmasters impulses matrixs angels all are good and will make things faster and better in general. you just have to decide which is right for you.
i am gonna get a cocker and is electro alowed in tourneys 99 style Nickel plated centerfeed spanky body (now fireball mountain).
-Kapp chrome milled front block, back block, asa and cocking rod.
-Kapp blue 3-way, regulator, beavertail, ball detent.
-Chrome Eclipse Blade trigger frame with Dye grips.
-Shocktech bolt, hammer kit and stainless steel screw set.
-Ans Ram and stock valve.
-Chrome Gas-through grip
- 12 inch J&J ceramic barrell
-3000psi 114ci Nitro duck air system with custom wrap-around cradle.

300.00. e-mail with any questions and for pics.
this one orblack 02' cocker
-45/3000 nitro duck tank
-12v revy w/ clear/red shells
-nightstick barrel
-ans pneumatics (worth $110)
-delrin bolt
-wgp hinge trigger
-shocktech drop forward with on/off
-redz tank cover

im looking for 300 for gun and upgrades ONE thing about the autococker is it needs a new seal whitch will cost you about 10$ at your nearest paintball store and new bolt O-rings which are .50 - 1.00 a piece.

2k1 RF.... Shocktech cocking rod, KAPP P BackBlock, Diamond Labs Bolt... Chrome Dye .45 Trigger frame w/ chrome trigger shoe, Chrome 3 way, Air America UniReg, ANS Ram, KAPP Silver LPC, Dye stickies and a Chrome KAPP 3 way, Silver Bolt Pin, Blue Pnuematic hosing. 200 shipped!!!!
which one would be the best or should isel my gun and wait a while to get more cash
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