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I have an ION XE and it doesn't shoot straight and it is not that accurate. I was thinking of upgrading to:
.CP 14inch 1 piece barrel
.L7 Ion bolt
.Cp regulator
.CP on/off system
Will this make my ion better? PLZ correct me if I am making a wrong upgrade or need to upgrade something else.

PS: It has a Viewloader Force hopper
tank 3000psi 48cu
Juan :)

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better paint helps more than anything, but if you are using the stock barrel that is the first id choose to replace, the CP barrels are good, also look into the J&J ceramic ($30)

there is nothing really wrong with the stock reg, (maintanance isnt the best but its not like you need to get into it all that offten) for the on/off look into the CP micro if thats not already the one your looking at, personally i love these little things (have them on 2/3 markers) because they are so easy to turn on and off

you may also want to put some money aside for a larger tank, just a suggestion
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