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I don't know the difference from the old pmr to the pr. But he says the old pmr is similar to the current reflex and not the newer rail.

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false, the rail and reflex are internally almost identical. the reflex just has more bells and whistles bolted onto it. yes, they are nice but they dont make the marker shoot any differently and as long as the look is not a huge concern just get the rail and then buy a nice trigger/asa/feedneck. that way you can also buy the pieces you want.

besides that though PMRs go all the time for around 200-250, he is overpriced nomatter how you look at it

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Rail -
cardboard box w/ cut foam
11" cocker threaded 1 piece barrel
composite trigger frame
supposedly the solenoid is not as fast.
Braided steel air hose

Proto zipper case
14" cocker threaded, Ultralite compatible 2 piece barrel
Aluminum ultralite trigger frame
milling & aesthetics
Supposedly faster solenoid - though I'm not sure how this is beneficial.

Internally - the engine is identical. I believe the board to be identical as well. And i couldn't find anything or tell if the feed neck on the Rail was aluminum or composite - but either situation wouldn't be bad.

Survey says - Its just like an ETEK LT vs AM. Do you want the unnecessary bells and whistles? Do looks matter? And do you like the feeling of aluminum over a possibly more durable composite frame?
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