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whats a gats?

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i keep reading gats all over the place
what gun is it refering to?
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It is refering to guns in general. Any gun can be called a "gat". Just a supposedly "cool" term for them used by some people.
it has to do with being ghetto. It has plauged our internet experience for a while now and is pretty annoying. Rather than seeing a thread titled help on my cocker or spyder it says my gat be spittin air yo....worthless. The ratings and buy sell trade sections are covered in this word and you can't get away from it.

If i were you I wouldn't try to be trendy its ok at times but sig after sig of junk about gats is gay.

another term is agg it means that its you might find my agg gat...or 1337 that means elite. or some of the guys her use porm which just means its sexy. Alot to dig throung and most of its junk.

agg=make believe cool
porm=hot like vida.
im sorry about this but what does it mean "to be bunkered"

its a noobish question
To get bunkered is when you're sitting behind a bunker, and someone rushes to your bunker and shoots you. Usually point blank.
Gat: short for Gatling Gun. I don't care what you call it, but calling your marker a "gat" seems wrong. The Gatling gun was a hand-crank-operated weapon with 6 barrels revolving around a central shaft. The cartridges were fed to the gun by gravity through a hopper mounted on the top of the gun. 6 cam-operated bolts alternately wedged, fired, and dropped the bullets, which were contained in steel chambers. Gatling used the 6 barrels to partially cool the gun during firing. Since the gun was capable of firing 600 rounds a minute, each barrel fired 100 rounds per minute.
These things were pretty damned big. Aside from being gravity fed there isn't much else similar. Maybe start calling all these high volume slingers Tommies instead? As in Thompson submachine gun, AKA The trench broom,the Tommy Gun, the Chicago Typwriter, the Chopper,Ukulele music, the Chicago Organ grinder.

Just a tought.
anarchistwar said:
i keep reading gats all over the place
what gun is it refering to?
listen to rap, u'll understand.

"Take 15 minutes to drop a track,
Take half a minute to load ma gat"

Lil Flip....Game Over
Tech 9 and such are really quick/powerful pistols.
Indeed, gat is basically a slang term.
if anyone has heard the new G-unit cd. The song "my buddy" it talks about his gat "Gun"
everytime someone says "gat" god kills little old ladies.
really? wow thanks for clearing that up.

slang is evil.
watch "malibu's most wanted" and it will all become clear:)
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