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So I haven't been on in a while so I feel like I have to make a 'hey I'm still alive' thread.


Here is whazzup with me.

Graduated my BSN in nursing, working on my PA-C in Emergency Medicine...
Son turned 4. Still married and in love with my wife!
Haven't played paintball since 2008. Sold most of my gear, only kept the cherries that I just can't part with.

So, whazzup wit chew?

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Still working for Verizon, over 10 years now.
Still a whore. Just bought myself a Geo 3.5 for Christmas. Still playing, already played with the Geo 3.5 twice.
Did a developer testing video of a game I'm helping to test, 5 developers and myself. Got my ass CREAMED when all the developers ganged up on me. Good times. Can't wait to get revenge since the games just now going into beta.
Got a new 2015 FR-S a few months back. Identical to my 2013 FR-S I bought a couple years ago that my neighbor (may he light himself afire and suffer greatly) dropped a ladder on and I had to get rid of.
Lucero started her first legal US job just a week ago, working for H&R Block doing taxes (Bachelors in accounting, so right up her alley)

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Got fired
Back in school
Manager at local paintball field now.
time to start a new life.

4 years old? wow. It feels like it was just yesterday when you announced that you were having a baby!
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