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After seeing so many questions on what barrel fits what gun, i wanted to attempt to compile a list of guns and the thread or system that they take barrel wise. Im going by alphabetically for the most part. I wish it wasnt so, but some things may be somewhat off and or wrong, im trying my best. Have to give some credit to good old fashion searching (web, and off).
Autococker can be A/C or Cocker.
Here we go. (yes mario)

Barrels by gun make;model;thread:

ACI: Maverick and Clones- Specific threading.

Air Gun Designs: Automag, Automag Rt, E-Mag, Minimag, Micromag- They all take the specific Mag twist-lock barrel system. Perfect barrels, and they even double as having a child safety slot thing. Barrel has to have the twist-lock system, NO threads. Though Micromags do take Autococker threading. Xtreme E-Mags and ULE E-mags use Cocker threads too.

Alien Paintball: Remains, Interceptor, '09 Independence- I believe they all take Autococker threads. Many barrels and such.

AKA: Excalibur, Viking, Merlin- Autococker threads.

Ariakon: SIM 4, SIM 5, etc- Specific barrel thread standard on both listed models.

ATS: AT-85, AT-10, etc- Specific barrel thread standard.

Autocockers(General): ANS, KAPP, etc- Obviously Autococker threads. Easy to find a multitude of barrels to fit many preferences.

Azodin: Blitz, Kaos, Zenith, etc- Cocker threading.

Bob Long Technologies: Intimidators, Alias, Defiant- All Autococker threaded i believe.

Brass Eagle: Raider, T-Storm, Talon, Striker, Raptor, etc- The Raptor is the only one that can take specific threading. Most of the others either take Spyder threading or the barrels arent removable.

BT: BT-4, BT-16, etc- Tippmann A5 Threading. Corrected on TM-7 using Cocker threading.

Carter Machine: Buzzard, Comp, Sniper, etc- Cocker thread.
Note that Ducks have non-removable barrels, so no thread.

CCM: T2, S6, SS-25, etc- Autococker threads.

Dangerous Power: Fusion, Threshold, G3...- Autococker threaded.

Diablo Paintball: Slayer, Wrath, Reaper, etc- Cocker.

DLX: Luxe - Ion/Impulse threading.

Dye Precision and Proto: They all take Cocker threading.

Eclipse/Planet Eclipse: Ego, Etek, etc- A/C.

Evil: Minion, Pimp, Omen (II), etc- A/C or Impulse threads.

First Endeavor Paintball: The Quest- Autococker.

Indian Creek Designs: Freestyle, Promaster, B2K, etc- I think they all use a specific 4 Helix Fast-Pitch thread or something along those lines. Some also use Cocker threading.

Inferno: Field, MK, etc- From what i can tell, it take Spyder threads.

Intimidators: Bob-Long variety, Russian Legion, Olders, Dragon, Lasoya, etc- All Cocker threaded i believe.

Invert: Mini- Autococker threading.

JT USA: Tac 5, Excellerator, etc- Spycer threads. (Spyder Clone)

MacDev: Cyborg, Conquest, Droid, etc- All cocker i believe.

Other Markers: Guess you'll just have to research for your specific marker. Theres many threads/systems out there.

PGI: Osiris, Mayhem, etc- I think they take Cocker barrels or Spyder barrels depending on model.

Phantom: Specific Phantom threads.

PMI/Piranha: E-force, GTI, etc- Spyder threading. (Spyder Clone)

Psycho Ballistics: Silver Bullet, Lightning, Superbolt, etc- Cocker or Spyder threads.

Pump Markers: Phantom, etc- Research specific pump barrel. Phantoms have their own threading. If you have a Pump kit installed on an Autococker, then your pump takes Cocker threads. Cool, huh?

Sheridan: PGP, PG, etc- None! Its one piece Brass you silly!

Shockers(Misc): Dark, Evil, Shocktech, Hybrid, etc- Autococker threads. And all "Old-School" Shockers, SFT, and i think most PL Shockers take specific Shocker threading.

Smart Parts: Ion (XE), Epiphany, Nerve, NXE/Dynasty/RL Shocker, etc- Ion/Impulse Threading.

Stacked-Tube-Blow-Backs/STBBS/Spyders/Spyder Clones: All Spyder Guns, 32 Degrees, Evil, Draguns(Except Drallion), Kingman, and many more- Spyder threading. Sometimes called Piranha threads or other Spyder Clone threading names. Also very many to choose.

Tippmann Pneumatics: A5, 98 Custom, X-7, 68 Carbine, Pro-Lite, Pro-Carbine- I think they have specific threading, and theres the barrel systems that they have (Flatline, etc). Depending on year/model they either take the A5/Classic threading, or 98 Custom threading.

US Army Paintball: All Tippmann 98 Custom Threading.

Viewloader: Orion, High Voltage, Trition, etc- Spyder threads. (Spyder Clone)

WDP: Angels- Specific threading based on year made. Classic Angel threading for models before G7 Fly, then the G7 Fly and '06 Speed take G7 Fly thread. The G7 Fly threading CAN be used on Angel A1s, and vice versa. Theyll screw in partways, and they wont fit perfect, as in they wont connect with the breech completely, but you can add a "beauty ring" to get a better fit. Note that the lack of perfect connection can cause barrel breaks and the like.

WGP: Trilogy, Autocockers, etc- Cocker threads obviously.

Barrels by Barrel;Make/Model (copied directly from PacosTacos88 with little editing by myself):

Autococker threads:
Bob Long markers (Marq's, Intimidators, Vice, Protege)
Bushmasters 03 and up
Dark Shockers
Dangerous Power markers (Threshold, G3, Fusions)
Diablo markers (AR-1s, Slayers, Wraths, Reapers)
Dragun Drallion
Dye markers
Evil Shockers
Gen E-matrix
Hybrid Shocker
Invert Mini
Python Impulse
Shocktech shockers
Tremor Shockers
ULE mags

Spyder threads:
All Kingman/Spyder markers
Most blowback markers
Most ACI markers
Arrow Precision markers (The Inferno, Sterling pump and Soveregin III)
Brass Eagle
Dragun(Except Drallion)
Grey Ghost

Angel threads:
All WDP markers before 06 are old style
All WDP markers made in 06 are new style thread
A1 offers spacer to fit "new style" threads

Impulse (Ion) threads:
Base NXT shockers
Dynasty Shockers
RL shockers
Strange NXT

Shocker threads:
Old-school shocker
Most PL shockers
SFT shockers

Bushmaster threads:
Pre 04 ICD guns

Tippmann procarbine (A5) threads:
ACI Illustrator
Ben Tippmann (Battle Tested or BT)


Tippmann 98 threads:
98 Custom
US Army markers

Tracer Threads:
Tracer/ACI Maverick

Will add more detail later. its midnight. hope this helped.

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There are a few Mags (micromag comes to mind) that are threaded for Autococker barrels.

ICD B2K4, Promaster, and at least some of the Freestyles use Autococker threads. Earlier models did use their own threading.

Also, Smart Parts Shocker SFT took Shocker threading, which is not the same as the current Smart Parts threading (also known as Impulse threading or Ion threading)

Tippmanns have 2 different threads. Prior to the 98, all took the classic threads which have been renamed A-5 now that the A-5 and X7 again take those threads. The model 98 take different threads that I never really did understand why they changed then changed back, but whatever.

Angels have 3 (2) different threads. Everything BEFORE G7 Fly took classic Angel threads (LED through G7). G7 Fly & 06 Speed takes the G7 Fly threading, which will work on an A1 with 1.5-2 threads not quite fitting into the gun (reason you will see something called Angel beauty rings, these are made to use G7 Fly threads on A1's), however the but of the A1 threads is slightly shorter, allowing for a shorter marker. A1 threads can also technically be used on a G7 Fly/06 Speed, but you will have a ~1/8" gap between the breach and the barrel back.

On another note, if you ever do happen to find a black Angel beauty ring, pick it up and send it to me, I want one for my Freak.

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98c and A5 use different threads
Alpha Black, Project Salvo, X7 use A5 threads

The Shocker SFT uses SFT threads
Shocker NXT uses SmartParts/Ion/Impulse threads

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Edited with your help! Thanks for correcting me.

so, miller, does it have to be black?

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Ya know, maybe it would look neater if you catagorized the gun by threading, so like you's have all guns in Autococker threads, and list all the guns and manufacturers, and all guns in Spyder threads, etc. etc.

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i see where your coming from. i was just thinking like if someone had a gun, theyd look for their gun first, then check the threading. not search all the different types just for their gat. good thinking though.
so what do you guys think about this thread overall? is it helpful? a waste of time?

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Edited to suit easier navigation! Thank PacosTacos88! Suggestions are happily accepted!

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Seriously want some suggestions here, any and all rational ones are appreciated. am continuing to add more constantly.

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ya im a nerd. =P
any other nerds that want to help me with this?

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well righto governor. thanks. im still adding and looking for more guns. kinda slower then before, since im away from the comp alot lately. if anyone needs a barrel thread and they are wondering about it, just ask and ill see if i can find it.

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Updated! help is needed to accomplish lifelong dream of ultimate barrel list and stickyness!

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68 carbine can be added to the procarbine/A5 threads list.

You might want to expand on the Angel threading that although the THREADING on the G7 Fly/06 Speed is identical to the A1 threads, the but IS using G7 Fly threads on an A1 will leave threads showing, and using A1 threads on a G7 Fly/06 Speed will screw in all the way, but will NOT be flush with the breach, which can cause barrel breaks.

Add MicroMags (different from ULE), Dragun Drallion to list of Autococker threads.

Also you might want to clarify under Spyder threads that Dragun is all Draguns EXCEPT the Drallion.

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thanks, its updated. great help from you guys and i hope more to come.

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edited. thanks crawdaddy, finally got your point.
more helps?
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