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Which Marker IMPLUSE, BKO, B2k?

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Sorry guys,

They are all in the same price range, what marker should I go with. I like the price of that RATJR stage 2. for $575.00 is that good? It comes with the following stuff.. Is that the best deal?

The best valve in competition paintball just got better! As an extension of our best selling "college" series, we now offer the RJR college series.
Try to match this valve even with a stock bodied marker.
-Voodoo delrin bolt
-Ti pull pin
-Stainless steel Evil hammer
-Eclipse blade trigger
-Smart Parts "sticky" grips
-Hallo No rise hopper with o-ring groves
-High volume front cap drilled for LPR
-Vertical Maxflo Reg
-New version of the cricket board
-Free choice of single colors
-Lifetime of free service
-New Designs LPR adapter

Also I can get an ICD (indian creek) BKO 04 for $331.00 base unity I guess What do you think about this gun?

Then I can get an ICD Bushy w/ PDS for $579.00
What do you think about this gun?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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I'd go with the rat i've seen it and heard some good things about it but i don't konw much about the bko and b2k
I'd get the rat system

Then try and pick up a WAS for it,
Rats are always good. You could look into getting a Nasty for 525. Nastys and Rats perform pretty much the same, except for milling. Impulses are the way to go :)
*cough* 03 shocker *cough*

Impulses are a great gun.

Some how there value is **** now. I love my impulse, when you set it up right, and get some nice upgrades for it, and if you get a chance to mill it, you will try hump it.
if u ask in the imp forum were obviously goin to tell u imp since we own them band in the icd forum theyll tell u bushy but if u like upgrading get the impulse or if u can get the 03 shocker its an awesome gun
Menace said:
*cough* 03 shocker *cough*
My thaughts exactly
YEa, for $700 you could get an 03' shocker, but then you gotta put a bolt kit in it .... if you choose.
Get the bushy & later you might consider a new hpr & chaos or blastermax board IMO imps are money pits like cockers whereas an 03/04 PDS bushy really does not require any upgrades.
I was considering a BKO but when I discovered that they do not even give you an ASA or Mac Line, I did not want to bother with it. Also, everyone and their sister makes ups for Impys. The same cannot be said about IC products.
evilgenius, post your postcount scares me. Get the "impluse" hehe you wont be dis-satisfied.
SpYdErGuY7080 said:
evilgenius, post your postcount scares me. Get the "impluse" hehe you wont be dis-satisfied.
:eek: that is freaky. and yes i agree get the imp
Thanks for the info and opinions.

I picked up an IMPY (gameface thunder)

Nice, get a blind bolt and a CP trigger and you are set.
get the b2k4 with PDS its nicer than the imp...imo...PDS is better than the vision in Imps and its fast and accurate
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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