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Whole lot a gear for sale

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Lots of gear:Halo B, Profiler, CiP spyder trigger, Spyder Excel barrel, and more!

Alright, it's hot as hell here in GA, I'm working weekends, and I'm broke, so I'm selling a few items from my stash. Here we go:
Red Halo B(not sure what software)-good shape, works perfect-$75-SALE PENDING

V-force profiler-Grey-almost new, worn twice, includes bag and visors-SOLD

Redz 4.4 harness-brand new, only used one time, includes large comfort belt-$50-SALE PENDING

V-force Shield mask-green, in very good shape, includes bag, visor and neck protector-SOLD

Nexed pants-brand new, black xl-$35

Bunker Kings headwrap-worn once, blue flames-$15-sale pending

Evil beanie-black-$5

Red 32 degrees gel grips-$5-SALE PENDING

32 Degrees gloves-red, full finger, new-$10

Raven Kneepads-great shape, black l/xl-$15

Redz bottle cover-blue, good shape, fits 20 oz. Co2 and 45/48 cu N2(tight fit, but it fits)-$5

Blue System x bottle cover-good shape, fits 68 or 88 tanks-$5

Paintball Junkies jersey-2xl, blue camo style, in good shape-$20

Dye Excel barrel-14" spyder threads, perfect shape, used one time, no pics-$25-SALE PENDING

CiP Sweet Spot trigger-fits E-frame spyders, new never installed, no pic, silver-$15

PM me any questions, not really looking for trades on this stuff, just selling. Buyer pays all shipping. Also, I will not ship without recieving payment 1st. Sorry, but it's not going to happen. You can check my feedback at ebay by searching for sell j_dogg_paintball.
pics here
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Shutta said:
"How to check if your HALO has Z code: While your HALO is running without paint in it, reach down with your fingers and stop the drive cone from spinning. If you hold it down and the motor pulses you have Z code. If the HALO just keeps "humming" and presses without pulsing you do not have Z code."

taken off odysseys's website

test your halo and lmk what it is
test your common sense and lmk if you realize that this thread is OVER A YEAR OLD
Uh, yeah, cubsfan, you're being a dumda$$, I started this thread last week. Guys, the Halo is original software to the best of my knowledge(I had a z-coded halo, know it's not z-code). And I apologize about it being forever on pics, I'm going to have to take normal pics and scan them, my digital cam is dead, and my friends in LA this week , so I'm screwed. Once pics are posted I'll go in order of who posted first gets dids. If you haven't got the money, next person gets it, ok Dkidd? And I'll pass on the flex-7, I can get one of those pretty cheap locally, so if I sell the Profiler it'll be for the cash only, cause I'm not extremly eager to sell it, it's the best mask I've ever worn!
If Shutta backs out I'll take the profiler.
j_dogg is your halo

T1 - old school software

or TE - old software?
I think T1, but I don't really know how to check. If anyone knows, feel free to enlighten me.
ive got the money......lemme know a shipping price and we can make a deal....ok

edit: ok ok now i read it right.......when do you think you will be able to get pics?
when did you buy your halo? and if its T1 that drops the price ALOT

Ok, link to a pic of everything is on the first post now, at the very bottom. Also added a couple of items. I have closeups of most of the items, I'll post links as needed.
Ok, email me at [email protected] or IM me your email address if you want pics, as for some reason now I can't link or upload any pics to this site, I'll just send them direct. Like I said though, there is a link to a pic of everthing on the original post now.
The following items have had people claim them(been waiting on me for pics): the halo, evil beanie, gloves, the Green v-force, and that might be it.
jeep talkin on pm, and um what sizew out those pants?
cockerocker , I sent you another pm and I'll send you an email in the morning. .
Hey j_dogg whats up with the paintball junkies jersey? Is it sold.. And how much would it be to ship it to Miami?
Still no email try this one [email protected]

and sent you a pm
sorry rocker, virus made it almost impossible for me to send emailss til now. lookoverthere, jersey is not sold and I need you to PM a zip code so I can get shipping.
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