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don't drop the soap
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Not I

said the fly

with a booger in his eye

eatin' a slice o that american pie

willin to die

not willin to cry

lookin for a fry

puttin on a tie

aint no lie

gesture a sigh

you ask me why?

I say bye bye

¡Viva La Rob!
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i think im going to see him at Randall's island with:

well dave,
Tea Leaf Green (awsome band)
Slightly Stoopid (awsome reggae-ish band similar to sublime)
Gov't Mule (guitarist from the allman brother's old side project, now a full-time band)
and BELA FLECK! and the flecktones... (jazz fusion kicks ass :D)

yeah the tickets are like 55$ which i sa good price, i think im going to go

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I'll be there both night probably. I've seen him every year since 01. His shows in Hartford are insane. He's played two nights in CT for as long as I can remember and both nights he sells out. People start tailgating at sunrise.
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