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Ok, I'm going to try and do something that I don't think has been attempted before. Every once in a while someone asks why autococker owners love their autocockers and most of the tone there really isn't a good answer so I thought I would compile a list that should at least have 1 or 2 reasons for everyone or there.

1) autocockers need love.
This may seem odd but hear me out, cockers, for the most part, take some know how to keep running correctly. They are not really a design that you can give to your local airsmith, have him time it and be set for years. You need to know how to at least do some basic stuff on your own. Typically this means that whenever you run into a cocker owner they are at least halfway competent in tuning and fixing.

2) cockers are the essence of paintball. The design is a cocker actually dates back to paintballs roots. The design is basically a pump marker that has been modified to pump itself, hence the name, auto cocker

3) modular design. In today's market markers are becoming stock parts and stock parts only affairs. It's sooooooo boring. Autocockers on the other hand have a whole world of parts. I own a 2k5 superstock. I can go grab any 2k5 front block grip frame or (insert most parts here) from any of the other models or aftermarket companies and it will bolt onto my body without issue. There is simply no other marker or brand that does this as well.

4) want a pump and a semi auto? Can do! If you have a mechanical cocker in specific you can put together a separate front block and literally change it from a semi auto to a pump between games

There are a few for now, I'm sure others with chime in
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