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Hillcrest paintball in Kennen Wisconsin is hosting a Big game on August the 13th. Last year there were like 250 players. I am going to work like hell to get something going for this year so I can go...

sooooo....... any of you wisconsin cheeseheads want to join up for the event?

costs are very reasonable:

$20.00 / person entry fee
$80.00 / case filed paint (Draxxus Blaze)
$5.00 for a 5000psi air ticket.

Prizes from NPS, the field and local merchants. I beleive there is a vendor's area with all kinds of stuff there as well.

Pics on the website show some fairly decent fields including a castle field with turrets!

Details and pre-registration can be found at

so lets have some fun and mow some muppets..

Pm me or post here!!

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dang i might have to get sum friends to go
thnx for the info
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