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Looking to start a regular squad of players in order to train for larger scenarios such as Oklahoma D-Day, Fulda Gap, Invasion of Normandy and others.

A little about expecations:

Obviously being spread out through 3 different states would be hard to practice on a regular basis, however, I am looking to have multiple people in each state and when it comes to the big games, we would all be present. There would be a chain of command, we will have a rank structure and the team name is known worldwide. At least continentally.
Each squad would be set up the same way, with their own playing style is fine.

Positions (per squad):
1 - Commander
1 - Executive Officer
1 - Light Artillery (mobile anti-tank)
2 - Heavy Rifleman (ability to go full auto and carry a lot of paint and be patient when shooting)
1 - Sniper
1 - Spotter (to accompany sniper)
1 - Scout
4 - Light/Medium Rifleman

Each squad has 12 players minimum but can of course expand with increased interest.

At least 18 (for travelling reasons, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian/friend that will also be playing/supporting the team in some effort)
Have enough money to play, sponsorships are available but not easily handed out and shouldnt be expected right off the bat.
Upbeat, positive attitude.
Loyalty to the team.
Responsible players, for example, show up when scheduled to show up.
Military style is the team orientation, but laid back, not yelling in your face style, but respect of rank and time on team is expected just like any other team.
Have your own equipment and gear to play.
Be willing to travel to Oklahoma D-Day and Fulda Gap, at least one or the other, preferrably both. They are each 5 months apart from each other.

If you're interested in more information, please PM me on here or email [email protected].

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