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Wow Awesome!!!

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I was playing iwth my trigger, and i decided to put some super glue on the screw that hits the micro switch so it wouldnt keep shifting around, (it would shift and then the gun wouldnt shoot.) and after i put the glue on, i adjusted it to be really sensetive, and perfect how i wanted it to be. But now when i pull the trigger, the gun shoots like 3 or 4 times, every time! and occasionally goes on a massive full auto spree when im not even pulling hte trigger i dont get it!! what did i do lol its so crazy!!
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Some of the glue from the screw could've gotten on the switch, and is sticking closed in the "fire" position.
no but its actually shooting, i gassed it up, the switch is actually being triggered though which is wierd.. hmm

Plus, its not totally a bad thing, my trigger is like 10 times more sensitive, which is another thing i dont get, but i didnt get glue anywhere near the switch
it is wierd, i dont know what the hell it is. It shoots twice, once when i pull the trigger once when i release, or sometimes when i pull the trigger slowly, it will shoot once, and then when i pull a little more it shoots again. I think i may have screwed up my micro switch, but its REALLY annoying, i can hardly shoot without getting a second shot out, so its illegal...
Well, it was a bad thing to use super glue. It probably would have been better to use blue loctite. The glue might never move if you ever want to adjust it again, but with the blue loctite, it holds in place until you twist the screw, and then it breaks off. Sorry, but you might have to buy a new trigger if you ever want to adjust it again.
elementboarder5 said:
Just buy a new micro switch at radio shack for what, 5 bucks? That'll probably fix your problem.
sorry sonny, tried that, wont line up, need tighter hole pattern or something.

as for the bounce... so it just goes on a mad shooting rampage? id just try and undue the glue, just take a lighter to it, im sure you can heat it up, super glue isnt that strong, and as for blue locktite, i wouldnt use it, just stick with teflon, does the same job and easier to remove if need be.
used teflon before, didnt work, i actually fixed it, it hardly bounces and shoots great, and is also really sensitive....

HOW exactly did i do this? i have no clue, because i never could before, now suddenly i can, but whatever it is its good. PLus i opened a microswitch from radioshack, and theres nothing glue could really do to screw up the microswitch really. So yeah. Thanks for the help guys! :)
Lol, went from "awesome" to being a pain in the ass
well it was awesome, until i couldnt really get rid of it, but, i did get everything working well so yeah.
good job carmas...
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