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Nevermind. Thanks for the offers, i got what i wanted.

I'm looking to get a post-2000 autococker and the like, but would prefer a 2004 wgp cocker.

Show me your wgp prostocks, stos, dye reflexes, ans gx-4, odyssey o3m, shockteck sfl, KAPPs although i very well know i can't afford them etc.

- just the marker
- good cosmetic shape,
- a working cocker, a video of it shooting would seal the deal.
- preferably stock but i will look at offers of cockers with ups here and there like feedneck, nice regs, 15 degree vertical asa, aftermarket bolts, on/off etc etc
- hinge frame preferably
- vertical feed only! I will not consider angled feed cockers.

Don't want:
- electronic cockers
- pumps (unless pneumatics are included)
- psychoballistics
- trilogies
- basically if it's wgp, don't want anything past 2004.
- packages
- POSs

name your price or take mine
No shipping trolls, i know how much shipping stuff costs
pics from all angles in pm with proof its yours if you don't mind
paypal only - i'm verified and have the money on hand, ready to do business.
shipping to 33434
remember it's a 5 year old marker, i don't care how much it cost 5 years ago, be realistic.

Serious sellers please, i don't have time nor patience to be jerked around.

Offer up. I'm looking to pay around 150 +shipping but do name your price, i could pay way more depending on the cocker.

Post or PM.

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