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all right im gonna have at least 400 bucks at the end of decmeber to get some new toys. looking at buying a fenix acs, bko, or the one. show me what you got. leave a post or send me an email at [email protected].


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i have a stock body impulse with

-newdesignz equalizer bolt
-newdesignz titanium pull pin
-newdesginz ram and hammer assembly
-ratguns rathole hammer
-eclipse chrome front cap
-newdesignz r.i.p valve
-eclipse magnetic trigger
-cp on onff
-shocktech mini drop


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F/S~~ dragun tes with T1 kit, microrock, hyper 2, cp pro rail w/ on/off ***PICS***
have a used very little... trying to sell due to getting out of paintball havent played but once this whole year... and am in school and need money

blue/black tes w/T1 kit
eclipse QEV
APM tigershark bolt
modded switch (6 pinnies)

EDIT PRICE LOWERED~~~looking to get $200

also have
black cp pro on/off with rail ~$45
blue dye hyper 2 reg only 1 case through ~$45
black micro rock with adapter also only 1 case ~$60
black J&J 14" ~$25
green cp1p 12" ~$25

gun with hyper 2, microrock, cp rail w/asa ~$300

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spyder electra
progressive smart parts barrel
v-force armour mask
pmi gravity feed 200 rd hopper
verticle elbow
pure energy 16 oz. tank
pmi barrel condom
P.M. me or e-mail me at [email protected]
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