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Getting back into the sport a year after I sold my Mini, and my tank has been out of hydro so long I'd rather just get a new one. I've got $4-500 to play around with, so offer me something.

Looking for:
Nice, working E-cockers
Older 2g shockers with no faded anno
Black Mini in excellent condition
Decent Angels with no break/inconsistency issues

Will consider ONLY with lots of upgrades:
Ions (MUST have a metal body and be fully decked out.)

Do NOT want:
Any Tippmann product
Any Kingman (Spyder) product
Any mechanical cocker (Already have one)
Anything that works on co2

As far as tanks go, looking for 68/3k, 45/45, or 68/45 tanks ONLY, must have at least 2 years left on hydro. No steelies please.

One more thing, I only agree to pay via Paypal. Don't ask me to send a check, money order, wire transfer, etc, especially if you haven't been here for very long.



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2K1 dark angel with an 88/3K tank(hydro just ran out, or is about to) gun works fine, has intelifeed and also a turborev incase you dont like intelifeed

boomstick, and i think 2 other barrels.....gun is all chrome......let me know

might be willing to part with her since i haven't played in years, gun shoots fine though, shot a bag of 500 through it a few weeks ago
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