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Here is my Automag, asking $160 shipped (priority mail).

Vertical feed body
J&J two piece barrel
Benchmark double trigger frame
Tournament velocity adjustment lock
Rage sticky grips
Macroline connection with an on/off asa adapter

Valve has it's original star that can be used for a free rebuild from Airgun Designs. This marker has been used as my backup and has not had much use. It is in perfect working order. I use compressed air and have virtually no velocity change between shots. I have heard that CO2 can leak around macroline fittings so I cannot guarantee for no leaks with CO2, but with my compressed air tank there are no leaks at all. It works great. Looking to clear out some gear, my loss is your gain.

If interested PM me or email me at [email protected] or catch me on aim.

Best of luck - Smoke, aka Mark


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yeah i showed him the medicmag. he agreed it's the sweetest mag he's ever seen(i dind't show him teh alpha mag ...) he's not really not int he price range for it though. but he's set on getting a mag(which i appluad)

can i get more info on the valve? does "alll the stars" mean that it's the orgional and hasn't been messed with?
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