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As title states, im looking for:
Mask parts:
+Flex parts(frames, grills, lenses.)
+Straps(They dont have to be rare, ill take anything)
+Proflier lenses
+SOFT EARS!!!!!!!!!

+Headbands-I already have a CK(Christ Krew, not Contract Killer) so throw anything else up.

Random gear:
+Anything else really-Jerseys(preferablly team),Neato shells(Revvy or halo)
+Just post it up if you have anything else, I will look at anything.

Also, check my sig for anything trade wise, if we do trade i WILL NOT ship first unless you have more feedback then me(200+), or you are a mod/supporter.

Post here before pming/iming me.

Feel free to im me at txlx77.

Lastly, if you have something thats not listed, POST IT! Im looking for alot of useless stuff so just post up.

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Stuff I've got Spare of in Flex

Proflex Bottoms, and Frames Red
Proflex White Bottom, White Frames
Clear Lense x2 Chrome x1
Standard Straps, Psycho Straps, a few others.
Old Flex 7 Olive Green

Large Soft Ear Black
Small Soft Ear White

Other than the white frame and bottom, most of it I'd let go pretty cheap, pm me anything you'd like.

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I'm making some custom white headbands, go look in the only good thread for pics. They aren't done yet, but I can let you know when they are.
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