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I am looking for the guns that Sheridan and PMI put out in the 80s and 90s. Ones like the PG, PGP, Pursuit Pistol, PMI-1, PMI-2, P68SC, K-2, KP-2, KP-3, Piranha Short Barrel, Piranha Long Barrel, and maybe if the price is good a VM-68.

I am looking to spend no more than $75 on any of these. Price will depend on model and working condition.

If you have one stuck in your closet or garage and are no longer interested, shoot me an email. I don't check this forum often, so email is best.


[email protected]

P.S. Please don't offer me any current Sheridans or PMIs. If you don't recognize the names listed above, or if your gun is made of plastic and not brass I am not interested in it. Thanks for looking.
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