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It's better than the imagine, IMO, and it should be since the price tag is higher than an imagine :p Basically imagine is an entry-level spyder electro, and a pilot is a more a higher-end spyder electro. I'll C+P from the site... If you email me at [email protected] i can supply pics.

I've got a Spyder Pilot ACS Package for sale or trade.

As far as trades go, I have money to add into the deal. I'm looking for marker only, no packages. Main markers I'm looking for are DM4's and promaster's, but feel free to offer me anything.

Price: $270 OBO, willing to negotiate.

What the package includes:
Spyder Pilot ACS - Like new, comes with box, only had for two months, under 1500 rounds through it, no visible scratches that I know of.
Dye Sticky 3 Grips
12 inch Smart Parts Teardrop barrel
Spyder Plastic Feedneck
JT nVader Thermal Goggles
12oz. C02 Tank
Gravity fed Hopper
Charger, battery, barrel plugs, squeegees, extra parts, etc.

And like i mentioned before, price is in canadian and i am willing to negotiate. LMK by email.

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I've got a black spyder imagine. as of now it's in pieces, but I can put it together and send it to you if you're interested.
I'm asking $115 shipped
I'm willing to work with the price, give me a PM
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