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No. Boston balla
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if your buying a grav feed a 9oz tank a mask and a tippmann is totally not worth the money, you could get a sp1 or an sp8 with all of that

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220 shipped
comes with 9oz co2 apache loader(glued feedneck works fine)no mask though i need it
got a tippmann 98 custom pro platinum series with E grip

-E-grip wil semi,3 shot, NXL auto, PSP ramping, & Turbo (price of gun with E grip $225)
-TechT Zero kick hammer ($40)
-TechT Fang trigger (3 adjustable points) ($30)
-check it products unimount on/off asa ($24)
-14in CP barrel .693 ($30)
-drop forward
-2 year tippmann warrenty

the gun is in PERFECT condition and shoots great.
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