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Greetings all,
Looking for an Ion with some ups especially boards, QEV, Trigger, Feedneck, and body kits. I sold my Ion a while back and just want something nice to play with on a day to day thing. Looking in the $250 - $300 range but will consider more with something unique.

Also looking for barrel kits for the Ion - CF preferably, Stiffi, CCM, Deadlywind - whatever.

As for the gearbag -- looking for Body Bag Megabag or something similar.

I am paypal verified, 100% positive feedback on multiple forums as well

So post up, PM, or Email me.

Thanks all

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PMR with 14" red front black back freak barrel
285 Shipped.

i need money to play an event i have to go to saturday and sunday in NC and am broke to play it(somone on my team spotted me) pm me if you can help me out or get me on aim later today(maybe around 7:00 o'clock
blakeh1301 is my s/n

it would be easiest to get me on though

gottaloveego's is my s/n

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