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Because Google can't find crap and Microsoft's website has only the technical issues found by idiots that own PC's, I'll ask you guys.

So I have quite a few MP3's on my computer, about 12 GB of them. One particular folder gave me grief a little while ago as I was trying to add it to my library in Windows Media Player 10.

Only a few of the files (about a third) are being added to the library and can get a star rating. Here's the catch- I couldn't find out why the others wouldn't show up (they're all MP3 format), until I moved them to a different folder to see if it did anything.

Apparently these other files are SYSTEM files, because when I tried to move them it asked "would you like to move system file (filename here)?"

How in the hell does an MP3 file become a system file? And, if any genius out there knows, how in the crap do I undo that change?

Gratzi in advance.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts