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Getting out of paintball, need the money for college.
these have been used maybe 2-3 times a year for about 3yrs.

1) Kingman Spyder Imagine
-electronic trigger 3 round burst, semi and full auto. with high and low ROF
-Quickstrip pin for quick field cleaning if neccessary
-Shocktech Durlyn bolt
-Upgraded spring for higher velocity
-flow restrictor in gas through grip removed for better air flow
-16" Dye Ultralight 2 piece barrel
-all stock parts come with the gun,Viewloader hopper included, and 12oz
Co2 tank

Asking $160 shipping included.

2) Kingman Extra
-semi auto mechanical trigger (not electric)
-Blue upgraded spring (slightly upgraded spring not much)
-Comes with 20oz Co2 tank, aftermarket barrel (not sure brand or size),
Java hopper.

Asking $120 shipping included

If you want any of these pieces separate just email me at [email protected] and we can work something out.

All guns and pieces are in perfect working order with minimal wear.

I can get more pictures if needed but heres what they look like.
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