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Today I have for sale a JG Bar 10 in good shape. I only really used the gun for occasional bird hunting. The gun has some upgrades in it and I will post pictures if asked. Full details will be given upon serious request.

Upgraded Barrel spacers (Installed)
Nineball Hop up Bucking (installed)
TM 6.03 Tightbore Barrel (installed)
3x Bar-10 mags
4x32 scope with mil-dots

$250 value new... Only asking about 175 for this barely used beauty!

I also have some more upgrades for the gun to sell seperately, or if you buy them with the gun a little cheaper.

New in Box Deepfire steel sears: $35
New in Box Laylax 150sp: $20

I will ship at your expense, but will cover maybe a little bit of it.
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