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I have an ICON-E, 16 oz short tank, 9 oz tank, empire pants(yellow), proto shirt(Blue), i got a blue Regular Hopper and a blue aluminum neck that connects the hopper to the gun, i have a bag for all of it and 2 pods and also i have i have a quiet riot barrel 14 inch, and the stock barrel, i also have a barrel condom, i would like to sell this total package for 250$

If you want an Empire V-force mask as well, its 300$ total, i have only wore it twice and bought it brand new.

We will work out shipping if u are seriously interested, if close enough i will drive it there myself, I live in South East Michigan.

Will possibly trade for an Xbox 360 with at least 1 controller and all the cables.

Phone - (248) 787 4899
AIM - Norris13189
Email - [email protected]


Tyler Norris
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