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Up on the chopping block gosh its been a long time since i been on these forums. ok so I have a 2002 canondale f400

Today we have a Canondale F400 mtn bike retail value is 950 brand new so u tell me what u think this is worth up for trade or sale the frame Is 40.6cm and it is a 2001 or 2002 in great condition here are some pics to prove it.

ahah little action shot for ya

Offer whatever you have worse thing i can say is no give me call

i favor

GUN tank and hopper package offers.

949-636-6339 name is Madison:crash:

see for yourself its great and in great running and working condition and ur gun should be working to i want to get back into balling asap so please help me out if you got **** sitting around dont waist
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