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Hey I cleaned out my room to get ready for my new bed and remembered i had all these guns. I got in a car accident but payed it off but am very low on spending cash and want a ps3 for my room so decided to start selling stuff!

For sale of trade i have a

Tippmann 98c pro-

-The gun has a custom carbon finish, very sexy,
-Stock the pro comes with a double trigger, and drop forward.
-The barrel i have on it is a flatline barrel. Its not installed because i never really figured it out.
-Or i can sell with stock 98c barrel and put the flatline with my 98c

Tippmann 98c w/ response trigger (Silver)
Stock besides response trigger. You can look at this gun and seriously believe it was brand new. Excellent condition!

Lastly I have some mongoose lcd. Blue/black fade I've never used it before i got it so a friend could play with me but he never ended up playing so i have that to. I'm not positive what year or model it is. But its in good condition.


Pro-vantage mask which is a sick mask for the price.

NXE paintball bag

a crappy belt and some pods

20 oz co2 tank

and a crappy mask prolly jt its in my room i'll confirm when i take pictures haha.

and thats about it but you can offer up.

Prices just so i have some-
140 for custom pro(Carbon Finish) w/ flatline
100 for tippmann 98c w/ response trigger
60 for mongoose lcd gun

Wont part but will package these!
15 for vantage mask
5 for crappy mask
10 for 20 oz
10 for crappy pack with pods
25.00 for NXE Bag, Very nice bag

Feedback in sig

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