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Not sure how many of you guys play airsoft, but this isn't your average $20.00 spring pistol. For sale is a Tokyo Marui M14 with around $250 in upgrades. Here's what you're getting:

Tokyo Marui M14
Versa-Pod BiPod
KM 6.03 Tightbore
Systema Gears & piston
PDI 170% spring
Kings Arm Silencer
Scope Mount (To place a scope on, sits above the ejection port)
Six (6) 70 Round Mid-Cap Magazines

Currently it shoots 365 FPS with a .2g bb, and can hit a man sized target 75 yards out EASILY. The reason I'm selling it is because I want to get into paintball before I ship out for the Navy (August 23rd). So I'd like to get something going here quickly. Retail for everything you'd be getting you would spend around $650. I'm willing to trade it for a tricked out paintball gun, or for $375 cash. Here are my terms of payment:
Paypal (Add 3% if you go this route to cover the fee's)
Money Order
Credit Card (Again.. Through paypal.. Add 3%)
Personal Check

Your payment will need to clear before I ship the item out, and it will come with the tip painted orange in accordance with national law on transporting replica firearms.

Here is a recent picture:
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Happy buying, here is a link to what previous buyers have thought about my transactions:
MiA - Michigan Airsoft - Mosin

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