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WTS/WTT: BRAND NEW 02 Rebel!!! w/ 16" AA & Bob Long Delrun Bolt & more!

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Ok pukes here's what i got for yall.

Black 02 Rebel
Black Gas-Thru Grip
Bob Long Delrun Bolt
16" Black All American
PMI 9oz stubby Co2 tank
Stock Barrel

Extra parts i have and throwing into the package:
1- Trigger Frame
**The trigger frame thats on the marker has a sweet trigger job i did on it. Everyone loves this thing. And i did a custom blade trigger. Again everyone loves that too**
1- Value, cup seal, value pin
1- 02 Rebel Low Pressure Chamber

I got this marker as a freebie from a person i know that works at National Paintball Supply.
The only things i bought new myself was the All-American and the tank. And the Bob Long Delrun Bolt is just BADA$$! I have never chopped a ball....never.
If i didn't like Tippmann's so much i'd keep this.

So $150 for EVERYTHING

I'm willing to trade everything above for a Tippmann 98c w/ ups.
Or through everything in above plus CASH for an A-5 w/ flatline.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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