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Portable DVD player and DVD collection
EASILY worth over $700!!!

It is a Samsung L200 portable DVD player.
PERFECT condition.
Comes with carry case, power cord, and remote
Bought for a road trip but never got to go. Been sitting for about a month.

DVDs I have (and will give you):

Van Helsing
Red Planet
Austin Powers
The Manchurian Candidate (2004)
Enemy at the Gates
Con Air
The Ladykillers
Pitch Black
Texas CHainsaw Massacre
The Village
Crouching Tiger
Old School (unrated)
Blue Collar Comedy Tour
The Patriot
Terminator 3
Blazing Saddles
50 First Dates
Bringing Down The House
El Mariachi/Desperado (Double Feature)
Pork Chop Hill
Cross of Iron

Indiana Jones Box Set
Seinfeld Season 3 (with Bonus DVD)
Batman box set
CSI Season 1
CSI Season 2
Tom Cruise Box set (Mission Impossible, Top Gun, Days of Thunder)
Alien box set

All DVDs in GREAT condition.

Easily worth over $700

ONLY A-5 (unless its something hella awesome )

I WILL NOT ship first

This is an amazing deal for someone.

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might be interested, did some research, ....question: difference between L300 , L1200, L200, adn urs 200 or 1200.

ps: i got A-5, flatline, respond trigger, stock(GTA?, might), remote, special hosing installed for quick remote to bottom line set up, remote, 72/3k pure energy, u add if u want all
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