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well i have a bunch of things to trade for paintball stuff or sale i dont know

i have alot of warhammer40k chaos marines stuff and codex....make offer or trade for soemthing ( iwant to get rid of this seeing as i dont play it anymore)

i also have some computer games
final fantasy 11-not my kind of game make an offer on it or trade
arcanum (rpg prety damn fun)-offer or trade
ultima online-another rpg game

i have a dust black flame drop not sure what make-offer or trade

lol i have an old runescape file :) lvl 72 and has like 1 million and lots of rune stuff and lots of other stuff....-w.e i dont plzy so i dont know if ill even be able to sell it.....

i also have lots of magic cards and TONS of pokemon cards

thats all for now

i have some xbox games too....but only excepting good offers..and preferably pball stuff
rainbow six 3,phantasy star online,ghost recon,possibly nfsu1,unreal championship,possibly segs gt 2002/jetdet radi future,splintercell1,starwars knights of the old republic,medal of honour frontline,possibly halo 1.

will trade like all of it for a trix :)
i dunno make offers

1 - 9 of 9 Posts