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Alright guys im lookin to get an Xbox 360. I am in no hurry to get one cuz i already have a ps3. The only reason i want one is to play COD 5 with my brother in law so he will stop buggin me about it. I would prefer the package to come with 2 controllers, headset, and cod 5. The items i have for trade are listed below. Just ask for pics of items below if ur intersted.

Items for Trade:
Verizon Samsung Omnia(ur adding)
Burton Snowboard Pants like new condition
Ipod Nano 4th gen 8gb
17 ps2 games, 2 controllers, multiplayer adaptor, and ps2 console(console turns on but it wont read discs)
New CP 68/45
New dye jerseys. New jt jersey. Mask and pack.
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