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I have FOR TRADE today a Teardrop Freak Barrel front in RED. I'm not sure of the length of it, but when attached to the Freack back, they make an overall length of 12". NOTE: THE FREAK BACK IS NOT INCLUDED. I AM ONLY INTERESTED IN TRADING THE TIP. I WILL ONLY TRADE THE ENTIRE BARREL IF IT IS FOR AN ULTRALITE BARREL.

Rules: Follow them, or you'll be ignored.
1. Be mature. We're all adults here; act like one.
2. I do not tolerate "number speak;" I will ignore you.
3. I do not ship first, no matter how good of feedback you have.
4. No lowballing, or flaming in my thread. I know what my gear is worth, and I don't appreciate rudeness to ANYBODY.

1. Any front that is Autococker threaded and compatible with a Freak back. It needs to create an overall lenght of no less than 12", and no more than 16".
2. All American fronts are preffered.
3. I prefer the fronts to be either blue or black, but silver will be considered also.

Thank you for your interest.
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