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Howdy all

what i have is my Older Cocker with many ups, im really looking to trade this for a gun that needs less maintance and is more user friendly. its for my son.

this cocker is a 95

it has a shocktech (bomb) 3way very short pull
Plamers Full sized Rock LPR , very constant pressure
STO Chrome Ram
Gen-X 2 InLine Reg , few scratches on it
bob long Barrel 2 piece
derlin back block
2k+ bolt and pin
Hindge Trigger frame off a Orracle , very nice

so basiclly the only thing that is old is the body itself, this thing shoots straight and SUPER quite.
I can take any pics you would like to see
also the front block is scracthed up badly ( pretty much the only part though)

here is a link to where some are posted

I just got this marker back from 3D paintball , it has been Timed and Sweet spoted, and is running around 400 psi


what im looking for mostly is a good Marker

Spyders,Phrinias,Rebels ect , basicly no Cheap guns

would take a R/T Mag. Tippman A-5 with ups, post offers ill look at them all. worse thing i can say is no thanks

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