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To preface this, I'm a complete paintball noob. I once went out with rental equipment when I was a kid about 20 years ago and had fun. However, a bunch of guys at work it turns out meet at least once a month or more for some paintball weekends. I got invited out since I do lanparties with them and gave it a whirl. I didn't want to use rental equipment and decided to stop by a local sports store to pick something up. I dragged someone along to give me help and said for cheap to get everything I needed to go with a tippman 98 custom kit. Well, at least it came with everything I needed to play and while I had a blast, I was severly disappointed with the gun. Heavy, inaccurate, and just poor performance. I realize there are probably some mods I can do for upgrades but I didn't want to try and figure that all out. So I ended up returning the kit and am now looking for something a bit nicer. I got to play around with a few guns other people out there had to get a feel for how a "better" gun should shoot and handle. I basically got to try out both an SLG and an ION I believe. Not saying I'm any sort of judge, but I know how crappy that stock 98 custom tippman was for me.

Now, I can't really afford to sink hundreds of bucks into a new setup, mainly because my other hobbies are also a bit on the expensive side. I'm by a nautre a computer geek at heart and as such have a TON of comp parts and whole computers left over. I also play other sports like softball and have some very new and expensive bats.

Here is a list of some things I have for trade.

Extra Amd opterton 165. Skt 939 cpu. Delidded and overclocks over 3.0Ghz.
A xigmatek 1293 (I think that's the model but it the one with the 92mm fan) heat sink that is for the AMD proc listed above.

A full home threater and gaming computer. Parts in it are the following:
Amd opteron 165 skt 939 x2 (lidded) with a zalman cnps8000 heatsink. Overclocked to 2.6Ghz but capable to speeds over 3. Just the mobo is undervolting and can't be changed.
EVGA nf44 matx motherboard.
BFG 8800 GTX OC, clocked at 650/1080 if memory serves me.
4 GB (4 x 1GB) of PC3200 memory running at 260ish 3-3-3-8
500 GB Western Digital HD
Thermaltake Tough Power 850 watter modular power supply.
Samsun Sata DVD burner.
Aspire Qpack home theater case.
Currently loaded with Windows Vista 64 Ultimate.

It's a beauty of a lanparty and gaming system. Part wise worth over $1000 and can reasonably be sold for $800.

I also have an extra 19" LCD (older TN panel).
I also have an extra ATI 4850 card with a Accelero S1 R2 cooler on it.

I also have for softball fans these bats:
28oz Rip-it Reaper. USSSA and NSA bat. Not ASA. It's the 120 version. Less than 50 hits, I think like 20, with receipt and warranty. Basically brand spanking new.
26oz FL Combat Gear Virus. USSSA and NSA bat. Not ASA. Brand new in the wrapper still. Comes with receipt and warranty.
28oz Jak'd Nemesys. Only canadian NSA approved. Basically senior ball bat. Brand new in the wrapper. These are limited production and special order only and currently out of stock.
27oz Toledo Katana Dragon. Very new bat, but since the company went under there is no warrant on it.

Here are some links to pics of the computer and bats at least.
comp pic 1
comp pic 2
comp pic 3
comp pic 4

Bat pics
Bat pics 2

I also have several other things I no longer use, or practically never used for trade.

Other things for trade:
Original Sony PSP and a few games and movies.
Original Nintendo DS with a couple games.
A complete Sony HTIB 5.1 speaker setup with DVD player and receiver.
Sony Playstation 2 with quite a few games, many still in the wrapper because I only ever played one of the games.
Sega Dreamcast, black edition with controller, and pretty much all the game for that system.

I have a few other parts, but since I'm at work I can't remember them off the top of my head. If there is a computer part you are looking for I might just have it for trade. I also have a ton of extra electronic and sport crap laying around. So someone looking to get out of paintball and into something else I sure something can be worked out.

I do have some cash to spend. Please, while I'm new, don't try to offer me a $100 gun for my computer for example. I may not know everything so I'm going to be looking to stick with some name brands I've been reading reviews on. Ideally, I would like to get an Angel A1 setup for that computer as a straight up trade. Or really any other top end gun setup for the full computer would work or a good mid range setup for other parts or bats I could do as well.

Even for a decent "cheapo" gun like a spyder I might do a lower end deal with for say the CPU and heat sink for example.

As a side note, I'll probably stay away from tippmans as from what I'm reading on these boards they are great for durability and practically nothing else. If I wanted durability, I'd buy a leadpipe and blow the paintballs out with my mouth.
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