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wut price should i ask

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here it is


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you should ask where to post this first :)
yeah dude, this is "rate my gun". not "what is this guns reslae value," post it in the tippmann forums
Ask $300 and settle for $250. The gun has alot to offer.
Just the fact that you have a flag in that pic, just makes me want to buy it.
+50 on the resale, minimum.
moved, now you can appraise it

i wouldnt pay more than 200 for it
no more then 250 if ur lucky
200, 250 if you sell it locally
$300-$400 some where between there
$250-270 maybe more or less depending on the buyer and how desparate you are to get rid of it.

Paint it camo and give it some ghillie strips, put it on E-bay with a bunch of hype about sniping and watch the money roll in. If you market properly someone will be willing to pay FAR MORE than what it's worth.
Put it on ebay and start the bid out at 150.00 to get tons of bids bringing it up but put the buy it now option in for $300.00 and say if you chose the buy it now option you will get free shipping.
i have a warning!!!

(how about them apples? love Headley) ;)
hahahaha no way anyone would pay over $200 for it

u people overestimate the average person

they could go buy an a-5 and save $170, over what u guys say he can get $400

dont get his hopes up
Average person aint that smart ;)

My guess is around $250-$300. If you ebay it though and add some key words to your little sale, you'll bring in more money though. People just aren't that smart!

btw, moved to "rate my gun"

- Brian
I bet you could get around $170 for that on Ebay. You have to remember the countless amounts of other people on ebay selling their fully decked out Tippmann besides you. Surf ebay for your competition and then set a price.
I would say between $200-$250.
Not a big fan of tippmans, even though they do make really good hammers since they are so heavy.
what sparticus said :)

the more u put on a tippy, even more uglier it gets.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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