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We are a fairly new field in NC. less than 3 years but have grown immensely thanks to you all!.

We have a field with 6 available play areas:

1 - Paintsburgh City: 10 builings (some 2 story, one building with 22 rooms), lights for night play, cars, bus, boats, bridge.
2 - Fort Masacre: Awsome fort with 14 buildings including 4 watch towers and a 3 floor bell tower.
3 - Hyperball I
4 - Hyperball II
5 - Oktar Woods
6 - Capture the hill

ON THE WORKS: a speedball field probably be ready by end of October 2011. and a log field.

Our field also has an onsite pro shop, compressed air and CO2, a deck area and we are building a Sky Deck!.

Come check us out Xtreme Kombat, Warfare Training Center - North Carolina Paintball Fields
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