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He gon' get it!
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I know this is really long, but just shut up and read.

So yeah i was talking to this kid tonight and it was wierd. Does anyone know this screename? I think hes full of crap though and is just looking for a free paintball gun... I was trying to be nice to him at first because I felt bad for him but then I realized "Hey what 11 year old writes like this?" you be the judge of this.

J To The oolian: hi
J To The oolian: im from the paintball forums
Guitarjunki17: hey
J To The oolian: and i need some info on the trilogy pro series
J To The oolian: is it total crap?
Guitarjunki17: from what i hear it isnt desireable, i honestly dont know too much about them
Guitarjunki17: oh and the three way is not interchangeable
Guitarjunki17: just see if you can get your hands on an 03
J To The oolian: ok
J To The oolian: whats the price range around on those
J To The oolian: and you say not to buy off eBay
J To The oolian: so do stores still sell em?
Guitarjunki17: youd have to get one used
Guitarjunki17: well, generally
Guitarjunki17: if youtalk to the person and they seem to know what they are talking about then it might be cool
Guitarjunki17: i dont thnk they do, try
Guitarjunki17: but if you talk to someone and they are like "well i ran CO2" and they dont know what an antisiphon is then you probably dont want it because chances are that an oring is busted somewhere and your gonna get a leak
J To The oolian: i might just get a trilogy though, since i have a heart condition (from birth) and my parents wont let me play with the other kids. my mom said she would let me, but she passed away a couple months ago. so the performance of the marker isnt a big issue. i just want to shoot a paintball gun. i never had the chance.
J To The oolian: and i have to save up my own money (im only 11) because my dad, which is very mean to me) wont buy me anything
Guitarjunki17: oh im sorry to hear that dude...ill tell you what though, and this is kinda wierd in a way
Guitarjunki17: i have a friend that has a heart condition, no lie, his name is nick. i got him into paintball and he was worried about getting hit in the chest and having his heart act up. If you wear a chest protector, you should be fine
Guitarjunki17: they sell them you know
J To The oolian: well my heart condition is a little more complex, its actual too big for my size and is about 2-3 inches out of my chest. i used to not be able to take the pain when i was little and my mom would tell me i cried for days nonstop
Guitarjunki17: oh really? im sorry to hear that. yeah my bro nick had a problem where his heart was really weak and he couldnt go to rock shows with us because if someone was moshing and he got punched in the chest, he couldve had his heart stop alltogether and die
Guitarjunki17: but hes been playing paintball with a chest pprotector and hes doing good
J To The oolian: and ive been saving for about a month and only have about 20 dollars or so from my lunch money
J To The oolian: so i also arent eating to save up money
J To The oolian: and im not supposed to be doing this
Guitarjunki17: dude, get something cheaper then. if you arent gonna worry about performance, just get a cheap spyder
Guitarjunki17: because once you get a hopper and tank and paint and all your at like 300
J To The oolian: what about if i get the spyder
J To The oolian: how much for all that and stuff?
Guitarjunki17: ok well... you can get a package...oooh ill tell you what. You can get a tippman 98 custom package for 180. everything you need to get started. gun, mask, tank, squeegee, the works. Tippman 98s are the best entry level marker. those things are tanks
Guitarjunki17: i advise you go with that
Guitarjunki17: ill get you a link
J To The oolian: the reason i wanted a autococker is because this other boy in my special ed class, Jason, has a autococker and always calls me "poorboy" or something like this and i just want to show him that im not poor. he picks on me frequently and sometimes i cant handle it. he caused me to push against my chest during class because i wanted to leave and have a reason to go home and that hospitalized me.
Guitarjunki17: ah man im really sorry to hear that. well look...not eating isnt gonna help you any. what he says is a bunch of bullcrap. its not the gun that makes the player, its the player that makes the player
Guitarjunki17: dont let what he says get to you bro
Guitarjunki17: you cant its not cool
J To The oolian: i always browse the forums and see these other kids and they have the very expensive markers, and i always tear up thinking other kids can have multiple $1000 markers, while i have nothing.
J To The oolian: and im the unfortunate one
J To The oolian: i think its just not fair
Guitarjunki17: ah man dont worry. look, most of those kids are either 17 and have their own jobs, and arent going to college so they dont have to save up their money for school, or they are little mommas boys whos mommies buy their stuff.
Guitarjunki17: your only 11 you shouldnt have to worry about this kinda stuff
J To The oolian: it wouldnt matter if i was 17 like them, i wouldnt even be able to have a good job, my dad would probably beat me more since i was older too.
J To The oolian: i just wish i could have fun in my backyard
J To The oolian: and shoot a paintball gun
J To The oolian: i dont even have video games
J To The oolian: just this family computer
Guitarjunki17: sorry to hear that man
J To The oolian: i just wish somebody could help me
J To The oolian: i go to my local shop and the guys there are always nice, but they just feel sorry for me
Guitarjunki17: well little bro, theres not much i can tell you but to try and hang in there. you might have to wait a while to get this whole paintball thing going but there are other things in life that can make you happy just the same
J To The oolian: its just that i hate my life, i have to see this stupid lady about me not killing myself everyday, and i pretty much have no family, i have nothing to fall back on. but the day i went to the paintball shop, i was finally happy. that was before i knew how expensive the equipment was.
Guitarjunki17: ill brb man, hold on
Guitarjunki17: ok
J To The oolian: im very desperate for an autococker
Guitarjunki17: sorry bro
J To The oolian: do you have like old ones lying around?
Guitarjunki17: nope sorry man
Guitarjunki17: i wish i could help you but i cant
J To The oolian: i cant stand even living anymore
J To The oolian: you may be the last person i talk to
Guitarjunki17: dude cmon dont say that crap
J To The oolian: i guess this is bye
J To The oolian: to everyone
J To The oolian signed off at 10:55:05 PM.

He later signed on talking about how he didnt go through with it and I was telling him basically in a nutshell that I have dealt with this 17 times before and its not new to me and if he was looking for consolation, he was looking in the wrong place because I'm a total stranger. I mean seriously, does an 11 year old type well like that? Then he told me to look on the FOX news in the area where he lives to look for his name and i was trying to tell him to just calm down and he signed off. I assumed his name was AOL so i emailed him and told him i knew i would speak to him again and that it would be all good. I just dont wanna totally tell him hes full of crap in case he WAS serious.

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I'm not sure on that...that's a tough call. On one hand, 11 year olds don't type like that. Also, I've never seen a suicidal 11 year old. If he has a heart condition allowing him not to play paintball, his dad wouldn't beat him.

I'm gonna man up and say this is shens or somethig. If not, I'm sorry, but it just sounds too..."scammish."

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I read it all, tell him he can get a used '00 cocker for about 100 bucks.

He gon' get it!
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Pr0ph3t said:
I'm not sure on that...that's a tough call. On one hand, 11 year olds don't type like that. Also, I've never seen a suicidal 11 year old. If he has a heart condition allowing him not to play paintball, his dad wouldn't beat him.

I'm gonna man up and say this is shens or somethig. If not, I'm sorry, but it just sounds too..."scammish."

yeah my thoughts were the same on the dad too. but once he asked me if i had an old autococker lying around, i knew he was probably trying to scam me. Like im THAT retarted.

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HK Affiliate: hey wuts up man
J To The oolian: who are you?
HK Affiliate: do you play paintball?
J To The oolian: yea
HK Affiliate: what gun do you shoot?
J To The oolian: why? who are you?
HK Affiliate: i thought i saw one of your guns for trade
J To The oolian: no
HK Affiliate: ahh, my bad, how long have you been playin?
J To The oolian: like almost a year
J To The oolian: =/
HK Affiliate: ahh cool, what gun you rockin?
J To The oolian: now i have a ICON-E =(, gettin a BKO soon tho
HK Affiliate: cool, well i gotta finish some hwk, later bro
J To The oolian: ok so your from pbnation right?
HK Affiliate: yea
J To The oolian: ok cool
HK Affiliate: yep, see ya around bro


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what a little ****
J To The oolian: hey
J To The oolian: who are you
TS ASSAULT: random guy online
J To The oolian: from where?
TS ASSAULT: were you looking to buy a gun?
J To The oolian: no, i never made a WTB thread or anything
J To The oolian: but what do you have?
TS ASSAULT: well a friend of mine said you wanted a cocker?
J To The oolian: yes i do
TS ASSAULT: I bought up my gear thinking I could play but I have a heart condition that makes it really tough
J To The oolian: yea i have one as well, but makes it more harder, because my heart is about 3 times the normal size and bulges out of my chest
TS ASSAULT: i just have triginoces.
TS ASSAULT: blood flow doesn't go from my right ventricle to my left
TS ASSAULT: I thought it was a challege up untill I whited out on the field one day..just not worth it
J To The oolian: g2g

awe....I wanted to make fun of him. oh well.

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what a trooper.

His heart is 3 times normal size and hes at a computer eating a hot pocket in his boxers. God bless him

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Sounds like someone is trying the sypathy route to scam out a free marker... hahaha..

For the record, if your heart protruded outside of your chest 2-3" -- you would have died at birth from the trauma of delivery. If you managed to survive that, you would NEVER be allowed to play any high impact sports as even the slightest hit on your "bulging heart" wouldbe enough to send it into fibrilation.

This guy is more full of **** then a frathouse septic tank...

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What. A. Loser,

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OnceUponADiIVIe: hi
J To The oolian: hi
OnceUponADiIVIe: i am from the paintball forum
J To The oolian: ok
OnceUponADiIVIe: i heard that you had a heart condition, just like me
J To The oolian signed off at 10:42:49 PM.

The jigs up fellas, hes figures us out! Run!

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stupid kid...
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