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madzorpanda: did you get the new pb2x in the mail yet?
justinsmnz: not yet, im really saddened
madzorpanda: has wc coverage :)
justinsmnz: i know this
madzorpanda: havent gotten my first fac3full yet either
justinsmnz: it takes like 4 months for a first mag of sub comes in
madzorpanda: lols i was thinking about changing my name on my jersie to:
madzorpanda: 4/_/571/\/
madzorpanda: >_>
justinsmnz: neg
madzorpanda: can if i wanna lol
justinsmnz: you can get sucked by a dog if you wanna, all you have to do is cover your dick in peanut butter.........but you wont do that, now will you?
madzorpanda: tl;dr
madzorpanda: hmm 15* looks nice on the FS&
justinsmnz: eh, somewhat
madzorpanda: sex
justinsmnz: 40? not terrible
madzorpanda: ah my bad
madzorpanda: anyways im saddened lol, not many thinbgs to up on my FS7
madzorpanda: so very perfect
justinsmnz: um barrel............
madzorpanda: proboly 5.0 pred and wave trig but thats about it :-(
madzorpanda: yeah but thats expected
madzorpanda: the cp's not to bad
justinsmnz: yeah, but its one size.......only one size
madzorpanda: my penis has 2 >_>
madzorpanda: lol im clever
justinsmnz: you're gay...............
justinsmnz: ^2
madzorpanda: lol
justinsmnz: its still ****ing raining :-(
madzorpanda: why do you care...its dark
justinsmnz: its saddening, my doggie is outside
madzorpanda: erm, let him in?
justinsmnz: he'll eat us
madzorpanda: >_>
madzorpanda: <_<
justinsmnz: once it gets colder, we'll put him in teh garage'
madzorpanda: you have a big dog?
justinsmnz: eh, decent sized, something like, lab sized
madzorpanda: +1 man points for you
justinsmnz: hes a cool doggie, he looks like a black golden retriever
madzorpanda: wow...oxymoron there
justinsmnz: yes, yes it is
justinsmnz: but its a good thing
madzorpanda: my pug could kick you dogs ass
madzorpanda: grr
justinsmnz: neg
madzorpanda: he'll eye you to death
justinsmnz: sure he will
madzorpanda: what day are you gonna be at the field?

madzorpanda: im thinking ill do sunday?
justinsmnz: im not gonna be at the ****ing field this weekend, ive said that like a bajillion ****ing times already...**** you
madzorpanda: oh im sorry...
madzorpanda: dont forget your anal lube for your trip
madzorpanda: >_>
justinsmnz: starts fire well............
madzorpanda: eww...ass fire
justinsmnz: nah, people fire......we pile the bodies of jews and fags
madzorpanda: jews add a cheap flavor to the marshmellow though
justinsmnz: eh, they have a salami like texture, not that great
madzorpanda: oh snap antisemitism..ism..ey
justinsmnz: nah, jews is cool........j-j-j-jew unit!
madzorpanda: r-r-r-rainbow children
justinsmnz: g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-gay austin!
madzorpanda: f-f-f-f-f-**** you
madzorpanda: we have such fun converstaions lol
justinsmnz: not really
madzorpanda: wow...your adverse to funny lol
madzorpanda: your to serios on the net'
justinsmnz: not really
justinsmnz: omfg debate in the morning, im hungry, ihavent has any women folk in three days, i aint kilt a man in a dyin here!
madzorpanda: I have groppie in a bag
madzorpanda: stays fresh long time
madzorpanda: five dollah
justinsmnz: hell no, i dont know where you stuck that to get past customs
madzorpanda: >_>
madzorpanda: <_<

fun converstaions with team mate. :hug:
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