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Post your board settings on your intimidator. Make sure you state what board and what version.

I have my Naughty Dog so that it can go past chrono refs.

I have version 1.16 of the Frenzy board.
Dwell= 08.5
Eye=Force (or Delay, it doesn't matter)
BIP= 1 ms
Bolt=15 ms
MB= 02

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My membrane buttons aren't working so I got it stuck on horrible settings that the asshole I got it from put on.

Dwell = 8.5 *needs to be 16 cuz I got an old noid*
Eyes = Dry Fire *right eye is broken*
BIP = 2
Bolt = 6
Debounce = 2

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why, this thread will only last so lomg, there are only so many timmy owners and this is about boards so why not ask here. I will make another thread if you just answer this one question... what does the ''bolt'' setting do?

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titcampos, You have a problem w/ lying about ur gun, ur asking simple questiosn in Trix section and saying u got that fully upped trix which you don't own

and now ur asking basic timmy questiosn

Ok... I had 2 boards in my Timmy when i had it

WAS 2.7
Debounce 1
Dwell - 7.5
BIP - 1
Ram Delay - stock
bolt delay - stock
Eyes - forced

Entropy (newest version)
all the same except i had debounce on 2 and some other small adjustments

Make a thread about installing a board dude
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