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I have my friends EGO 07 for a few days. So I will do some test-shootings.

I already recognized the manifold setup features, which this thing is coming with.

But the manual is all the way in english, and my english isn't the best...

Could you explain the following options, and give me some values, which you think they are a good choice to set them up??

1. Dwell
2. First shot drop off (FSDO)(is it noticeable??)
3. Dobounce Level
4. Empty breech detection time (do not know, if necessary, with stock bolt)
5. Ball detection time (< ms = better?)
6. Trigger pull time (< ms = better?)
7. Trigger release time (< ms = better?)
8. Band High\Low Value
9. BBSS Low\High Power??

omg, seems that I'm a nooob in english.. But any help would be great!!


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yea, i wouldn't even touch someone elses marker on their settings till it is broken in fully and you know what you want to improve. and even then, say like you want to minimize your dwell because of blank and blank reason, you can do it.

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Wow, very helpfully replies.... Thumbs up!

First off all,my friend bought this gun a few days ago and his engl. is worse the mine... So, he is also interested in learning about the features this gun offers.

So he asked me, if i could have a look into it. And for generell, I'm interested in, what those option are for...(I think, that a normal behavior of every serious paintballer, isn't it?!)

Explanations in simple english words for those setup features a wrote would be nice!!

Beginning with Dwell? What is it exactly doing? etc....

Any useful HELP appreciatet!!



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the lower the dwell the better Efficiency the gun shoots
HOWEVER if you lower the dwell too much it will not shoot/if it does it wont be very good.

As for the trigger set up and stuff..keep the settings stock
raise your FSDO as much as you can(on the stock 06 boards it was 3ms..thats where i kept mine) this will hinder your gun from dropping off the first ball or 2 when leaving the gun sitting for a while.

So in short
right now..raise your FSDO all the way up.
when the reg/noid is broke in(give it a few cases) start to lower your dwell a little until its as low as it can go and still shoot consistant.

After you get your gun broke in you can also start to tune the LPR/HPR

Dont put your LPR more than 2 turns in or else it will shoot Very unconsistant
After putting your LPR at anywhere from flush to 2 turns in.
adjust your HPR so as to have the gun shooting 300 Fps or less

if you have anymore questions just ask.
im not on here alot but if you contact me on i will answer your questions via PM there.

my screen name is the same there as it is here


in case you want to copy it then paste it into the message.

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