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ummm... I used to play... don't really anymore, BUT! when I did, I had a kickass Archfiend deck >.<

So, here's the breakdown:

TerrorKing ArchFiend (Super Rare) (2x)
InfernalQueen ArchFiend (Rare) (2x)
ShadowKnight ArchFiend (common) (2x)
DarkBishop ArchFiend (Rare) (1x)
DesRook ArchFiend (common) (3x)
VilePawn ArchFiend (common (2x)
ArchFiend Soldier (Rare) (3x)
Slate Warrior (Secret Rare) (1x)
Witch of the Black Forest (rare) (1x)
Pandemoniun Watchbear (common) (2x)
Winged Minion (common) (1x)
Magician of Faith (Rare) (1x)
Mask of Darkness (Rare) (1x)
Opticlops (Rare) (1x)
Sangan (common) (1x)
Magical Marionette (common) (1x)

Imperial Order (Secret Rare) (1x)
Negate Attack (Secret Rare) (1x)
Ring of Destruction (Ultra Rare) (1x)
Fake Trap (common) (1x)
Seven tools of the Bandit (common) (1x)
Ultimate Offering (common) (1x)
Bottomless Trap Hole (Rare) (1x)

Harpie's Feather Duster (Secret Rare) (1x)
Snatch Steal (Ultra Rare) (1x)
Black Pendant (Super Rare) (1x)
Pot of Greed (Rare) (1x)
Pandemonium (common) (2x)
Gravity Axe Grarl (common) (1x)
Dark Hole (common) (1x)
Monster Reborn (common) (1x)
Axe of Dispare (common) (1x)
Change of Heart (common) (1x)
Swords of Revealing Light (common) (1x)
Fissure (common) (1x)

So that's my 45 card deck. I'll sell the whole thing for... hmm... $20!
Individual Prices are at my discretion.

Got some bonus cards too!
Witch of the Black Forest (another one) (Rare) (1x)
Giant Trunade (Super Rare) (1x)
Man Eater Bug (Super Rare) (1x)
Magic Drain (Rare) (1x)

PM me for more info and pics!

$10 for all of them!

I take Cash, Personal Checks, MO, and PayPal
If Personal Checks is the method of Payment, then I will not send out untill it goes though. If it bounces, I will notify you immediately.
If PayPal is the method of Payment chosen, than a 3% additional charge will be added to the agreed price.

Mature Seller, expect same from buyer :)
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