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I am now taking orders for limited number zombie extermination squad patches. There are only a couple of hundred available! These are high quality, plastic backed patches with “zombie extermination squad” and “Nex Animantis Mortuis”(Death to the living dead) as well as a dead zombie logo. Goes great with bdu’s, molle packs, etc..
Currently I am taking orders and payment for delivery in a couple of weeks. The reason I’m taking this approach is due to having a very tight budget right now.

Price is $8 for one, and $6 each for 2+(I can work with you for big orders) including shipping! MONEY ORDER IS PREFERRED. Please e-mail or PM me and will send you address info. If you must pay via paypal, please include an additional .50 cents-$1(depending in size of order, and your discretion) for bloody gaypal fees.

Email for contact/paypal: lbreevesii at charter dot net
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